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BA (Hons) Acting for Stage and Screen

7W73 P56

This acting degree is a practice-based course, equipping you with the interdisciplinary skillset required by a contemporary performer. Through core ‘Performance Skills’ and ‘Academic, Professional, Research and Employability Skills’ pathways, you will develop the foundations necessary to the autonomous, public-facing, and industry-engaged assessments later in the course. You will also be introduced to a range […]
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BA (Hons) Criminology

M900 P56

Are you interested in the problem of crime in contemporary societies? If so, our Criminology course may be for you. As a Criminology student, you will investigate the nature of crime and criminality as well as studying societies response through the criminal justice system. You'll learn about the social and personal impacts of crime and […]
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BA (Hons) Digital Arts


The core Digital Arts course is an industry driven three-year course provides, route into the digital and creative industries The course is aimed at students with creative talents seeking to develop professional-standard skills to work in the creative and digital sectors. The digital and creative sectors have been identified as growing both regionally and nationally. […]
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BA (Hons) Digital Arts (Graphic Design)


This graphic design course has an industry focus, exploring the contemporary aspects of digital graphic design practices and providing a route into the digital and creative industries. In the digital environment traditional design skills alone are no longer enough and this course will teach you how to make take traditional skills and practices and integrate […]
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BA (Hons) Digital Arts (Photography)


This photography course has an industry focus, exploring the contemporary aspects of digital photographic practices, providing a route into the digital and creative industries. In a digital environment taking images alone is no longer enough – this course will teach you how to make great images, but also how to use and apply these effectively […]
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BA (Hons) Digital Marketing and Communications

DMC2 P56

Peterborough is leading the advancements in 5G digital technology as we’re one of the first cities in UK to become Gigabit superfast – that means 5G for everyone and further growth and developments in digital marketing. The largest sector of employment in the Peterborough region is the business and professional fields, with the majority of […]
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BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies (Top-Up)

X303 P56

Our BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies (top-up) programme has been newly designed to offer those who want to develop their career working with younger children an opportunity to gain a qualification which combines academic knowledge and practical skills. This programme will help to develop professional skills and knowledge currently in demand across the early years […]
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BA (Hons) Education Studies (Top-up)

X300 P56

There will continue to be a very high demand for teachers in Peterborough with a 19% increase in 5 to 14 year olds from 2015 to 2036 (Source: Cambridgeshire Research Group, 2015 Based Population Forecasts). This makes education a growing sector offering good employment opportunities for students studying locally. Education has a fundamental role to […]
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BA (Hons) English Literature


Are you passionate about literature? Are you always reading books, thinking about books and talking about books? Are you an imaginative and creative person, and do you want to work in a career that draws on these talents? If so, our English Literature degree might be the course just for you. In your first year, […]
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BA (Hons) English Literature (Creative Writing)

Q310 P56

Are you creative with words? Do you write poetry or fiction? Do you want to develop and hone your talent as a creative writer? If so, our BA (Hons) English Literature with Creative Writing degree might be the course just for you. In your first year, you will be introduced to the key skills that […]
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BA (Hons) History and Archaeology

V400 P56

Are you interested in the past and how it shapes the future? Are you fascinated by the history of your environment – of the buildings and landscapes that comprise it and the laws and institutions that animate it? Do you view the present as continuous with the past or do you see the past as […]
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BA (Hons) Journalism

P500 P56

Our journalism course is designed to enable you to train and develop as a practitioner so that you will be the ones to investigate and report on tomorrow’s news. If you want to become a journalist and explore what journalism is and where this fast paced and exciting industry is heading, this is the perfect […]
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