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BA (Hons) Digital Arts


This core Digital Arts degree is an industry-driven three-year course providing routes into the digital and creative industries. This course is aimed at students with creative talents seeking to develop professional-standard skills to work in the creative and digital sectors.
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BA (Hons) Digital Arts (Graphic Design)


In the digital environment traditional design skills alone are no longer enough and this course will teach you how to make take traditional skills and practices and integrate them into the digital world. We will provide you with the skills and support to launch your career as a creative practitioner in one of the many occupations available in the creative and digital industries.
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BA (Hons) Digital Arts (Photography)


The course is aimed at students who want to build an integrated approach to their practice. This photography degree has an industry focus, exploring the contemporary aspects of digital photographic technique, and providing a route into the digital and creative industries.
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BA (Hons) English Literature


Are you passionate about literature? Are you always reading books, thinking about books and talking about books? Are you an imaginative and creative person, and do you want to work in a career that draws on these talents? If so, our English Literature degree might be the course just for you.
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BA (Hons) English Literature (Creative Writing)

Q310 P56

In your first year, you will be introduced to the key skills that have traditionally underpinned creative writing such as creative practices, critical writing, narrative and characterization as well as studying the literary modules.
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BA (Hons) Journalism

P500 P56

Our journalism course is designed to enable you to train and develop as a practitioner so that you will be the ones to investigate and report on tomorrow’s news. If you want to become a journalist and explore what journalism is and where this fast-paced and exciting industry is heading, this is the perfect course for you.
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BA (Hons) Media Production

P300 P56

Media Production is an industry focused-course drawing on core disciplines in TV production, film, audio production and digital media design. We have designed the course to equip you with the practical, creative and commercial skills needed to succeed in the creative media sector.
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