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The Psychosocial Studies programme investigates individual experiences and societal processes. Our Sociology degree provides a critical understanding of societal transformations and digital life impacts. The History and Archaeology course combines two exciting disciplines, shedding light on our historical roots to better understand our present.

Each degree is uniquely structured to offer practical, real-world experiences. Students participate in work placements and collaborate with local partners on research projects.

Our approach to learning is personal, with smaller class sizes offering a unique, focused educational experience. Whether you're keen on exploring the human psyche, deciphering societal shifts, or investigating our historical past, our department is dedicated to preparing you for a successful career in these engaging fields.

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BA (Hons) Sociology

L300 P56

Sociology objectively examines how societies change and what prompts these shifts. It also looks into various aspects of our lives: our work, our education, our relationships, and our identities, in addition to the media we consume and the things we buy.
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BA (Hons) Psychosocial Studies

C880 P56

Psychosocial Studies is a unique subject that addresses both individual experiences and larger social processes. In the course, you will be introduced to the core concepts that shape the discipline and the key tools with which to undertake social analysis and research.
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BA (Hons) History and Archaeology

V400 P56

The History and Archaeology course is a unique combination of history and archaeology modules designed to create an integral course that supports students that want to pursue careers in either discipline.
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University Centre Peterborough hosted its 8th annual Humanities and Social Science Conference to listen to the Level 6 students’ dissertation presentations.

Our Level 5 Digital Arts Students Have Curated An Exhibition, That Is Being Displayed In Peterborough Cathedral

The students tasked themselves, along with other creatives, to explore the relationship between visual art and music, with the main aim of the brief being ‘to discover what your favourite song means to you’, and to use their skills to visually portray this.

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