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Advice for EU students

If you’re an EU student, you may be concerned about issues such as fees and immigration with Britain’s recent exit from the European Union.

We can reassure you that:

  • You are still able to apply for student loans
  • Your fees will be the same as the UK student fees in the 2020/21 academic year
  • In May 2019 the UK Government confirmed funding for EU students starting university courses in the 2020/21 academic year. So, if you’re studying at UCP or any other English university you will continue to have access to student loans
  • There is no immediate change to your immigration status
  • If you’ve applied to UCP, there are no changes to your offer, it’s still valid
  • We also welcome any new applicants from the EU

Visas and Immigration

The UK are now in a transition period as we have signed a withdrawal agreement. This ends on 31st December 2020. This means:

  • You do not need a visa if you arrive before 1st January 2021. You are able to apply for a settled status if you wish. This is free.
  • Rules change from 1st January 2021. If you arrive after this date you will need to apply for a student visa under a new immigration system
  • This information does not apply to Irish citizens: you will have the right to enter and live in the UK under Common Travel Area Arrangements

Fees and loans

  • If you start in 2020/21 your fees will remain the same as those of UK students for the duration of your course
  • You can still apply for student loans and grants

Working whilst studying

  • This is uncertain as of yet, however it is anticipated that there will be working restrictions after 31st December 2020. Until then, EU citizens are free to work in the UK as they do now

Health and Medical Care

  • It has been confirmed by the UK Government that NHS healthcare will be available to EU students

Staying in the UK after graduation

  • You are able to apply for pre-settled or settled status until 30 June 2021. This will allow you to stay in the UK

Academic and professional qualifications

  • UK degrees are recognised in many countries around the world and most academic qualifications should still be recognised after the UK leaves the EU

If you have any concerns or queries, feel free to contact our Student Support team if you have any concerns on

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