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UCP News Empowering the Unheard: Maleeha Iqbal’s Mission in Journalism

Empowering the Unheard: Maleeha Iqbal’s Mission in Journalism

Maleeha Iqbal is in her first year as a BA (Hons) Journalism student at University Centre Peterborough.

Fuelled by a passion for giving voice to the unheard, UCP Journalism student Maleeha Iqbal is leaving her mark on the media landscape. Her insightful contributions, both on air with her radio show "Her Chronicles" on Salaam Radio and in print with Inside the Box, are carving a path for her in the world of journalism.

A love for crafting narratives and a desire to amplify marginalised voices fuelled Maleeha Iqbal's journey into journalism. "It's always been my passion," she explains. "I love telling the stories of those who don't have a platform in mainstream media."

Peterborough College's Media and Journalism course initially provided Maleeha with the drive to enter this industry, and having the same lecturers at University Centre Peterborough meant she felt familiar with her surroundings.

"I knew the lecturers well, and their teaching was fantastic," she recalls. "The smaller class sizes and interactive learning at UCP were ideal for this course."


UCP didn't just offer valuable knowledge; it instilled confidence in Maleeha, empowering her to pursue her own radio show. "UCP gave me the courage to launch 'Her Chronicles,'" she states. "My passion has grown significantly since starting here."

"Her Chronicles" tackles crucial topics like mental health in minority women and diverse aspects of womanhood. Through the show, Maleeha aims to ignite meaningful conversations and raise awareness about issues often neglected by mainstream media.

But her ambitions extend beyond radio. "I want to explore all areas of media," Maleeha declares. "An internship with a major broadcasting company, building my portfolio, and honing my skills are all on my career roadmap."

Maleeha's path serves as an inspiration for aspiring journalists and broadcasters. Her advice is simple yet powerful: "Be genuine, be yourself, and put yourself out there. Don't be afraid; stay true to your values and your identity."

Maleeha Iqbal's dedication to her craft and her commitment to representing diverse voices are undeniably shaping the future of media and journalism.

Maleeha Iqbal takes the mic at Salaam Radio on Sunday afternoons to host her show titled "Her Chronicles".

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