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UCP News Peterborough UKAS Accredited Microbiological Testing Laboratory welcomes students from University Centre Peterborough for “inspirational” visit

Peterborough UKAS Accredited Microbiological Testing Laboratory welcomes students from University Centre Peterborough for “inspirational” visit

Ahead of National Careers Week, 7-12th March 2022, Test Labs, Peterborough’s only UKAS accredited testing laboratory (registration number 22215) invited University Centre Peterborough’s cohort of First and Third year students studying Biological Science.

Test Labs became one of the quickest successful UKAS applicants after receiving the prestigious certification in just under a year of opening, transforming an empty warehouse space into a high-spec, fully-equipped testing laboratory.

The lab opened its doors to UCP to inspire budding scientists in their career choices. The multi-disciplinary team at Test Labs each demonstrated their projects, ranging from testing decontamination methods and hydrogen peroxide gas calibrations, to Highly Accelerated Lifecycle Testing (HALT) on pump rigs and Bacillus testing methods. Addressing the students, each scientist talked through their educational and career background. Enrico Allegra, Clinical Microbiologist and Technical Lead at Test Labs impressed on the visitors, “If you have the right mindset and the right commitment then you can achieve anything. The skills can be learnt along the way.”

Speaking about their visit, Fiona Brown, Lecturer at UCP for Biological Science said, “We came looking for a demonstration of the practical purpose of microbiology in the 21st century to show the students how exciting and fulfilling lab work can be. Test Labs have exceeded my expectations with their reception today. This was an incredibly valuable visit showing the practical applications of what they are learning and the immeasurable benefits of teamwork.”

Tautvydas Karitonas, Principal at Test Labs, commented, “It’s been great to share the individual and collective successes of the team to inspire those considering a career in this field. We look forward to welcoming future visits from the UCP and other educational establishments.”

About Test Labs

Test Labs, part of the Inivos group of businesses, is an infection prevention research and test laboratory accredited to ISO 17025. We work with hospitals and manufacturers providing expertise in environmental monitoring, compatibility and efficacy testing of disinfectant products, helping to stay ahead of changing requirements.

Through over 12 years of listening to feedback from healthcare professionals and analysing the industry, we’re harnessing our acquired knowledge to research infection prevention and control questions. Supported by a team of scientists and custom-built facilities, we’re open to discussions about any research projects and testing that we may assist with, working with manufacturers and healthcare facilities to soothe their pain points about the equipment and products they’re using.

About Inivos

Inivos is a leading developer and provider of decontamination technology, designed to eliminate viruses, bacteria and other contaminants from hospitals, public spaces and businesses. Since Inivos was founded in 2007, it has worked with hundreds of hospitals around the world to provide technology, training and rapid decontamination services to meet an immediate infection need and eliminate any opportunity for a patient to acquire infection whilst in hospital.   

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