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UCP News Psychosocial Studies Graduate Says “UCP Felt Like a Godsend” as She Now Pursues a Master’s degree

Psychosocial Studies Graduate Says “UCP Felt Like a Godsend” as She Now Pursues a Master’s degree

Lauren King, BA (Hons) Psychosocial Studies graduate from University Centre Peterborough (UCP), is now pursuing a Master's degree in International Welfare and Social Policy at Anglia Ruskin University. We caught up with Lauren and asked her about her journey to postgraduate studies.

Lauren King, BA (Hons) Psychosocial Studies Graduate.

What prompted your decision to leave university in Leicester after a year and a half?

"I initially attempted to attend university away from home in Leicester, but after a year and a half, I found myself overwhelmed and unable to cope with the distance."

How did you find solace and familiarity after leaving Leicester?

Transitioning to retail work, I discovered University Centre Peterborough (UCP) and felt comfortable in the familiarity of Peterborough.

Why did you decide to pursue your degree at University Centre Peterborough (UCP)?

"The stress of living away from home was a bit much for, and returning home to pursue my degree at UCP felt like a godsend."

What did you study at UCP, and what was your experience like there?

"At UCP, I chose to study Psychosocial Studies, immersing myself in a field that not only intrigued me but also allowed for personal growth and exploration. The smaller campus size of UCP offered a supportive environment where personal relationships with both peers and lecturers flourished. The intimate class settings gave us freedom to debate and express opinions without the overwhelming nature of massive lecture halls. The environment allowed me to flourish academically and personally."

How did your time at UCP prepare you for your future academic pursuits?

"Throughout my time at UCP, I balanced work in retail alongside my studies and eventually became a student ambassador in my third year. This experience prepared me for my subsequent journey into a Master's in International Welfare and Social Policy at Anglia Ruskin University."

What role has UCP played in your professional development?

"Now employed at RNIB, my passion for charity work has found a professional outlet. The skills I gained at UCP, from presentation to social skills, have proven invaluable in my career. University Centre Peterborough has been pivotal in shaping my success story, providing not only academic growth but also personal development."

University Centre Peterborough was accredited with Silver status by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), testament to the high quality of teaching and student experience offered by the city’s 15-year-longstanding university.

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