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UCP Discovery Days for Schools Society, Science & Stories Discovery Day

Society, Science & Stories Discovery Day

Biological Sciences: Effect of alcohol on the heart rate of Daphnia

Ever wondered how scientists measure the pulse of a tiny shrimp? Dive into the thrilling world of forensic chemistry! In this session, you'll be like a mini-Sherlock Holmes, carrying out experiments to see how secret chemicals affect the heart rate of Daphnia (super cool water critters!). We'll even snap some pics of your detective work.

Criminology: You be the Judge - Does the Time fit the Crime?

Ever wondered if justice is always served? This taster session dives into example criminal cases, cracking open debates about punishments, analysing high-profile crimes, and exploring if the sentence truly fits the act. Get ready to question, challenge, and explore what justice REALLY means.

Primary Education: Interactive Storytelling Workshop

Engage in an ‘escape room’ themed activity to complete tasks and develop academic skills related to primary aged learners. This fun and interactive session will teach you how to complete a series of tasks linked to the primary curriculum.

Early Years Education: Play-Based Learning

Get involved in designing a play-based learning session where you can experience the benefits of play in early childhood education. Set up different play stations that focus on various skills, such as cognitive, motor, social, and emotional development, experiencing first-hand how these promote learning and growth in young children.

English Literature and Creative Writing: Unlocking Meaning: Harry Potter & Histories Big Questions

Explore how literature, even things like Harry Potter, can be used to ask big questions about history and who we are in this moment and how critical thinking is the key to a successful career. We will think about what we read (books, magazines, online articles) and what our experience of reading is and play an interactive game that will use philosophical reasoning without us even realising!

Forensic Investigation: Classic Whodunnit!!

Under the guidance of a real-life Police Detective, you'll undertake a hands-on forensics investigation to solve a mystery. You'll be presented with evidence to analyse, and using a brief, you will be tasked with working out who the suspect is and what the nature of the crime is, even dusting for fingerprints – including your own!

History and Archaeology: A Skeleton's Secret: Hands-on Bone Detectives

This course lets you tackle a real anatomical puzzle. We'll crack open mystery boxes full of real bones, figure out who they belonged to (boy or girl, young or old), and piece them together like a 3D puzzle. It's a hands-on exploration of osteology, perfect for anyone fascinated by human biology and the secrets it holds.

Psychosocial & Sociology Studies: Social Media Activism

Ever wondered how social media protests work? Discuss how protests such as Black Lives Matter and Environmentalism works by diving into the fascinating world of Psychosocial & Sociology Studies. Debate and explore how social science helps us understand and even fuel real-world movements. Is activism all hashtags, or is there more to it? Join us and find out!

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